Coastlines one can only dream off. Wild rugged mountains. The breathtaking green inlands of Indonesia…


Our source of inspiration to tell you stories of this land full of sultry summer evenings and tropical rain showers. A land where the sound of nature embraces you. A land that brings us the most sustainable and natural materials. A land that allows us to create handmade furniture with attention to every detail. Inspired by nature and the soul of our craftsmen. This is how our collections come to live. 


Pure craftsmanship and quality are woven into our designs and make them unique. Watch them come to life and tell you stories packed with love and passion the Indonesian locals carry. 


Responsible usage is our focus. Whether by recycling materials or creating optimal working conditions for our craftsmen. A better world starts with ourselves and sustainability is the starting point for every design we create. With the beauty of the coast inwards to the green rice fields as our source of inspiration we bring you the feeling of coming home to nature. Unique pieces filled with stories of honest materials from nature with recognizable structures and soft earthy tones.

015- detail 004@2x
Optie 3 - 001 - detail liggend@2x

So dream away at the feeling of simplicity and freedom with a view over the ocean. Enjoy characteristic, unique pieces created with pure craftsmanship and love from Indonesia at your home.

Nyawa 2022 001

Nyawa, packed with stories