Banjar offering basket set of 3


The Banjar offering basket is a set of 3 baskets.

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Banjar offering basket set of 3

Discover the beauty of Indonesia with our Banjar offering baskets. Handcrafted with bamboo and decorated with delicate beads, these baskets are a true representation of Indonesian craftsmanship. The set consists of three kecil baskets that perfectly fit inside the larger variant, making them not only practical but also stunning to look at.

The smallest basket measures 10x10 cm and is 8 cm high, the middle basket is 15x15 cm and 10 cm high, and the largest basket is 20x20 cm and 12 cm high. They are only available as a set, so you can enjoy the full range of sizes and display them together. Our inspiration comes from the natural beauty of Indonesia, where the sound of nature embraces you and provides the most sustainable and natural materials.

We strive for responsible usage in everything we create, whether it's through recycling materials or creating optimal working conditions for our craftsmen. Sustainability is the starting point for every design we create. These Banjar offering baskets are no exception, as they are filled with stories of honest materials from nature with recognizable structures and soft earthy tones.

They embody the feeling of simplicity and freedom with a view over the ocean, making them perfect for any home. Experience the magic of Indonesia and bring a piece of it into your home with our Banjar offering baskets. 


  • Bamboo

  • Beads


Small: 10 cm and 8 cm high

Medium: 15 cm and 10 cm high

Large: 20 cm and 12 cm high

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