Papua necklace on stand brown



The Papua necklace kecil is a favorite in our collection.

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Papua necklace on stand brown

Introducing the Papua Necklace on Stand Brown Kecil, a stunning piece of art crafted from the finest quality shell. Inspired by the tribes of Papua who still wear similar necklaces to this day, this necklace has a rich history and culture embedded in its design.

At Nyawa, we take inspiration from the breathtaking nature of Indonesia to create unique and meaningful pieces. Our craftsmen meticulously handcraft each item with attention to detail and the use of sustainable, natural materials.

The Papua Necklace on Stand Brown Kecil is a true testament to our brand's dedication to showcasing the beauty of Indonesia's culture and nature. With its recognizable structures and soft, earthy tones, this necklace is a perfect addition to any space. It is a conversation starter, an eye-catching piece, and a reminder of the rich culture and history that Indonesia has to offer.

Let this unique and characteristic piece add an element of sophistication and depth to your decor, and cherish the passion and craftsmanship that goes into every Nyawa creation.


• Shell

• Black steel



Width: 20 cm

Depth: 9 cm

Height: 29 cm


Width: 30 cm

Depth: 12 cm

Height: 41 cm


Width: 40 cm

Depth: 15 cm

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