Waibu ring stone on stand



Black marble ring on stand.

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Waibu ring stone on stand

Introducing the Waibu ring stone on stand kecil, a stunning ornament that adds a touch of elegance to any interior. This beautiful piece looks gorgeous as a set, but can also be combined with other decoration pieces for a unique and personalized look. The smallest of the three sizes, this ornament has a diameter of 20 cm and is made from high-quality marble and iron.

At Nyawa, we find inspiration in the natural beauty of Indonesia, from its stunning coastlines to its lush green inlands. Our passion for this land and its resources is reflected in our commitment to creating handmade furniture and ornaments with attention to every detail. Pure craftsmanship and quality are woven into our designs, making each piece unique and filled with stories of love and passion.

Our focus on responsible usage is reflected in our commitment to recycling materials and creating optimal working conditions for our craftsmen. We believe that a better world starts with ourselves, and sustainability is the starting point for every design we create. With the beauty of Indonesia's coastlines and green rice fields as our source of inspiration, we bring you the feeling of coming home to nature.

Dream away at the feeling of simplicity and freedom with a view over the ocean. Enjoy unique pieces created with pure craftsmanship and love from Indonesia at your home. Choose Nyawa for ornaments filled with stories of honest materials from nature, recognizable structures, and soft earthy tones. Let the Waibu ring stone on stand kecil be a beautiful addition to your interior, packed with stories of Indonesia's soulful beauty.


• Marble

• Iron



Width: 20 cm

Depth: 9 cm

Height: 30 cm


Width: 30 cm

Depth : 10 cm

Height: 41 cm


Width: 40 cm

Depth: 12 cm

Height: 51 cm

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