Palopo coffeetable petrified wood besar


The Palopo coffeetable besar is something special, its made from pieces of petrified wood and resin. It has a special form and is therefore unique. The foot is made from steel in gold colour.

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Palopo coffeetable petrified wood besar

Introducing the Palopo Coffeetable besar, the largest of the two variants. A one-of-a-kind piece that shows us the natural beauty of Indonesia. Our inspiration comes from the stunning coastlines, wild mountains, and lush green inlands that make this land so unique. We take pride in using sustainable and natural materials to create handmade furniture that is crafted with attention to every detail.

The Palopo Coffeetable Kecil is truly special. It's made from pieces of petrified wood and resin, giving it a distinct and unique form. The foot is made from steel in a beautiful gold color, adding a touch of elegance to the table. The petrified wood used in each table is millions of years old, making each piece incredibly antique and unique. It's mined like stone in immense underground forests called petrified forests originating from Indonesia. Petrified wood is considered a very precious stone, and we believe it should be celebrated for its beauty and rarity.

Pure craftsmanship and quality are woven into our designs, making them truly unique. Watch each piece come to life and tell you stories of love and passion carried by the Indonesian locals. Responsible usage is our focus, whether by recycling materials or creating optimal working conditions for our craftsmen. We believe that a better world starts with ourselves, and sustainability is the starting point for every design we create. With the Palopo Coffeetable besar, we bring the feeling of coming home to nature. Each piece is filled with stories of honest materials from nature with recognizable structures and soft earthy tones.

Dream away at the feeling of simplicity and freedom with a view over the ocean. Enjoy a characteristic, unique piece created with pure craftsmanship and love from Indonesia in your home. This is Nyawa -  packed with stories.


  • Petrified wood

  • MDF

  • Steel


Width: 87 cm

Depth: 80 cm

Height: 31 cm

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