Pasempo coffeetable kecil


The Pasempo coffeetable kecil is made from solid suar wood. It is a heavy piece. This Pasempo coffeetable has been finished in a nice dark brown colour. We also have a larger version in our collection.

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Pasempo coffeetable kecil

Introducing the Pasempo Coffeetable Kecil, a stunning piece of furniture made from solid suar wood that embodies the natural beauty of Indonesia.

This heavy piece has been carefully crafted with attention to detail and finished in a rich, dark brown color. Inspired by the lush greenery and rugged landscape of Indonesia, our craftsmen have poured their hearts into creating this unique piece of furniture. From the intricate details to the recognizable structure, the Pasempo Coffeetable Kecil is a true work of art that tells a story of passion and love.

As with all our products, sustainability is at the forefront of our design. We are committed to responsible usage of materials and creating optimal working conditions for our craftsmen, ensuring that every piece is made with a focus on sustainability and respect for nature. Whether you're looking to add a touch of nature to your living room or seeking a statement piece for your office, the Pasempo Coffeetable Kecil is the perfect addition. And, for those who require a larger table, we also offer a larger version of this exquisite design.

Experience the beauty of Indonesia in your home with the Pasempo Coffeetable Kecil. A piece of furniture filled with stories of honest materials, created with pure craftsmanship and love. Nyawa packed with stories.


• Solid suar wood


Width: 60 cm

Depth: 60 cm

Height: 30 cm

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